Genius Hub saves up to 38% on hotel heating bills

Genius Hub is suitable for hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses.  Heating unoccupied rooms unnecessarily is a thing of the past. Reduce your heating costs, improve guest comfort and minimise staff intervention dealing with temperature complaints.

Front desk or maintenance staff can control and monitor the entire heating system from one place, including temperature control and room occupancy. Upon checkout, the rooms are reset to an energy-efficient temperature. A comfortable temperature can then be scheduled for upcoming check-in times.  

Advanced heating control without the complexity


Zoned heating

Heat only the rooms you want to use, to the right temperature at the times you choose.

Open window detection

The Genius radiator valve or room sensor can detect when a window has been left open. It turns off the radiator in that room automatically, thus avoiding unnecessary heating costs.

Local manual control

Guests can temporarily change the temperature in their room by adjusting the Genius radiator valve or Genius room thermostat to minimum or maximum temperature as defined by you. (This can be enabled or disabled on a room by room basis.)

Smart Occupancy Detection

The optional extra feature of Smart Occupancy Detection introduces an additional level of energy efficient control. Motion sensors automatically raise the room temperature to an optimal level of comfort when a guest arrives. When the room is unoccupied, this smart feature lowers the temperature again, reducing your heating bills. 

Air conditioning

Genius Hub can disable air conditioning or air handling units to avoid wasting energy when rooms are unoccupied or when the room is being heated by radiators.


Save energy in unoccupied rooms

Turn the temperature in rooms down when they are not used.

Stay in control

Reception can manage the heating system in response to guests requests.

Guest Comfort

Precise control means that guests will always walk into room at the right temperature.

Saving and Payback

Reduce your bills

Case Studies

The Belfry Hotel

The world renowned Belfry Hotel & Resort were looking for a low cost and effective energy saving measure that could be easily retrofitted to the buildings across the resort, with little or no disruption to the occupants of the building, and would not only reduce the cost of heating but also improve the heating levels for guests.

Driftwood Spars

DRIFTWOOD SPARS CASE STUDY CORNWALL Six months after the installation of the Genius Hub controls at the Driftwood Spars Hotel, and in slightly warmer weather

Greyhound Coaching Inn

The Greyhound Coaching Inn in Lutterworth invested in a Genius Hub in Summer 2018. This 33 bedroom hotel now enjoys reduced bills and a better guest service thanks to Genius Hub.

Bossington Hall

Bossington Hall is freshly refurbished and new to the holiday rental market in 2017, Bossington Hall brings Arts and Crafts homely elegance in a stunning setting. With 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms this superb property can sleep up to 30 people.

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