Smart Heating for Homes

A smart thermostat is an internet connected device that connects to your smartphone or tablet enabling you to control your heating and hot water from the sofa, at work, on holiday or on the way to and from your house.

It can be programmed to suit your schedule or it can learn your routine – through the geo-location on your phone. For instance, the smart thermostat can switch the heating off when you’re leaving home and turn on when you are on your way home. It sets and determines the needs of the household based on the movements of its occupants.

It will work out how long it takes your home to reach your desired temperature in the morning. It can also predict how long the house will take to cool down in the evening when it’s time for bed using local weather, responding and adjusting perfectly for optimum comfort and energy saving.

You can add zone control so that you only heat the rooms you are using. You can control each room to come on or off and set it to the exact temperature you require.