Heat your environment without heating the environment

Smart energy for your business and your home

Underfloor heating
Underfloor Heating Gaia

Repairs and smart controls upgrades for your underfloor heating

Smart heating for business

Smart and wireless heating system suitable for any commercial building or large home.

Smart heating for Homes

Advanced heating control without the complexity putting you in control of your home heating.

Infrared Heating
Combination of plain white infrared panels, and a customisable picture print panel, installed on an office wall by Gaia Smart Energy

The future of energy efficient electric heating.

At Gaia Smart Energy, we design and install energy efficient heating controls and heating systems for domestic and commercial properties across Ireland.

We offer a range of services in both commercial and domestic settings.

Our systems are energy efficient, easy to use, and are designed to reduce carbon emissions and to save you money on your heating bills.

Commercial Heating Systems

Genius Hub is a smart, wireless heating system suitable for any commercial building, including care homes, hotels, churches, golf clubs, schools and offices.

Savings of up to 38% can be achieved by heating only the rooms you want to use, to the right temperature, at the times you choose.

The Genius Hub system is sophisticated but easy to use.

Businesses frequently incur higher than necessary energy costs, by unnecessarily
heating unoccupied rooms.

With Genius Hub smart controls, your business can reduce its heating costs, improve staff and customer comfort, and minimise the need for staff intervention with the heating system.

Domestic Heating Systems

We offer a range of domestic smart heating control systems which aim to make heating your home as simple and affordable as possible.

Genius Hub and Honeywell Evohome are sophisticated, yet easy-to-use intelligent heating systems. Both systems involve the installation of wireless radiator valves, which are installed without disruptions to your existing pipework and decor.

Infrared Heating Systems

We also offer infrared heating systems for both commercial and domestic properties.

Infrared heating works by converting electricity into radiant heat using a heater which can be placed on a wall or ceiling.

As infrared heating uses electricity rather than fossil fuels, it is a much more sustainable alternative to traditional heating methods. Infrared electric heating offers a low carbon heating solution, and even becomes carbon neutral when powered by renewable electricity.

Underfloor Heating Controls & Upgrades

We can upgrade your existing underfloor heating system with Genius Hub smart controls. You will be able to control multiple underfloor heating zones within your home or business, with an easy to use, intuitive app.

Do You Need Underfloor Heating Repairs?

Gaia Smart Energy can assist with any issues you may be experiencing with your underfloor heating system.

Our experienced team can address the full range of issues that can impact your underfloor heating system, including faulty pumps, poor installation, trapped air and leaks.

We can get your heating system working as intended, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Interested in learning more about our services?

For more information on any of our commercial and domestic heating systems, please get in touch with us and one of our team will be happy to discuss the best heating option for your home or business.

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