Care Homes

Smart energy in care homes with Gaia Smart Energy

Genius Hub saves up to 38% on your care home heating bills 

Genius Hub is particularly suited to the challenges posed by care homes, regarding effective heating control. Care home staff will be all too familiar with the time-consuming challenge of repeatedly adjusting individual room temperatures for clients who frequently forget to adjust their own manual controls. The alternative approach of leaving the heating on in all rooms, all of the time, is prohibitively expensive. Genius Hub offers a more user-friendly, cost-effective approach. Heating in each room can be controlled individually to ensure the optimal temperature for each resident, ensuring comfort whilst saving money. 

The Smart Occupancy Detection feature can be set to automatically lower the heat when residents have left a room, and revert to a pre-set temperature when they return. The app also allows staff the option to monitor and adjust individual room temperatures remotely, from any smart device.

Advanced heating control without the complexity: Features

Zoned heating

Heat only the rooms you want to use, to the right temperature at the times you choose.

Local manual control

Residents can temporarily change the temperature in their room by adjusting the Genius radiator valve or Genius room thermostat to minimum or maximum temperature as defined by you. (This can be enabled or disabled on a room by room basis.)

Heating history

Genius Hub remembers each room’s heating patterns and temperatures, so you can see changes in use and potential energy savings. It also logs temperatures for regulatory requirements.

Smart Occupancy Detection

The Smart Occupancy Detection feature introduces an additional level of energy efficient control. Motion sensors automatically trigger the heating when a resident enters. When the room is unoccupied, this smart feature lowers the temperature again, reducing your heating bills. 

Open window detection

The Genius radiator valve or room sensor can detect when a window has been left open. It turns off the radiator in that room automatically, thus avoiding unnecessary heating costs. 


Save energy in unoccupied rooms

Turn the temperature in rooms down when they are not used.

Stay in control

Front desk can manage the heating in response to residents’ requests.
Resident Comfort

Precise control means that residents will always walk into room at the right temperature.

Saving and Payback