HMO: Houses of Multiple Occupancy & Student Accommodation

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Save up to 33% on your HMO heating costs

Tamper-proof, easy-to-use smart heating controls will cut the energy costs in your HMOs and student accommodation.

Save Up to 33% on your HMO

Strike a balance

Reduce high HMO energy bills, while keeping your tenants comfortable and resolve frequent problems faced by landlords, where tenants leave heating on in unoccupied rooms.

Heating your student housing as the landlord

As the landlord of a HMO or student accommodation, you can give your tenants as much or as little control of the heating as you like. 

The benefits of Genius Hub for landlords include:

  • reducing your property’s energy consumption, by only heating parts of the building that are in use;
  • keeping your tenants comfortable, while helping you to save money and energy;
  • tamper-proof controls;
  • allowing minimum and maximum temperatures to be set;
  • allowing ease of control and remote monitoring via an app on your phone, tablet or laptop;
  • the Genius Hub app will automatically learn the best schedule automatically, giving you a further opportunity to save on energy costs.

Dramatic savings on your energy bills

According to Carbon Trust, for every 1ºC you drop in temperature, you save 7% off the heating bill. The Genius Hub automatically drops the temperature by 4ºC in rooms when they are not being used, saving 28% when the tenants are not there.

How Genius Hub addresses the challenges of heating HMOs

Genius Hub offers a perfect solution to the typically irregular energy usage in HMOs and in student accommodation.

Individual tenants will have different schedules, creating irregular patterns in how they heat both their individual rooms and common areas. This can create a dilemma for landlords who want to keep energy costs down without compromising tenant comfort. Thanks to Genius Hub’s feature of ‘Smart Occupancy Detection’, a tenant’s room is turned off, or the temperature is lowered, when it is unoccupied and then turned on when they return.

No more heating the streets!

Another common problem which can occur in HMOs and student accommodation is that a radiator is left to heat a room, despite the window being open. The ‘Open Window Detection’ feature allows the Genius Smart Radiator Valve to detect when a tenant has opened a window, and turns off the radiator automatically.


Open Window Detection

The Genius radiator valve  can detect when a window has been left open. It turns off the radiator in that room automatically, thus avoiding unnecessary heating costs.


Local control for the tenant, at the touch of a button, if allowed by the landlord or building manager

Smart Heating

Automatically schedule the timings for each room so they are warm when tenants use them. It also switches off the heating automatically if the rooms aren’t used.


Holiday Periods

Turning heating down during holidays

Perfect for Lets with Bills Included

Control the unity bills for the property

Tenant Comfort

Personalised temperature control for your tenants