Commercial smart heating systems pay for themselves

Genius Hub is a smart, wireless heating system suitable for any commercial building or large area. 

Savings of up to 38% can be achieved by heating the rooms you want to use  to the right temperature at the times you choose.

Genius Hub automatically turns off the office space that's not in use.

Smart heating in the home or office

Genius Hub
Genius Hub automatically turns off the rooms that aren't in use.​
Professional installation with no disruption.
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Advanced heating control without the complexity
Get the most out of your heating in your office or home.
Genius Hub app
Available on web and and smart devices. The App allows you to control all devices in your property, from wherever you are in the world.

How it works

Gaia Smart Energy | Value

Genius Radiator Valve

Control each radiator automatically for optimum comfort and energy savings.

Gaia Smart Energy Sensor

Genius Room Sensor

Automatically turns on heating when occupants arrive and off when they leave the room.

Gaia Smart Energy ESW

Electric Switch

This switch controls the boiler, zone valve or pump.

Genius Hub

The hub of the system connects every device and allows control from any phone, tablet or PC.

Professional installation with no disruption.

Advanced heating control without the complexity

Smart Weather

Weather Compensation

Genius Hub factors in the weather to optimise the heating dependant on the external temperature. On a colder day it will provide more heat and on a warmer day less heat.

Zoned heating

Heat the rooms you use regularly to a comfortable temperature and lower the temperature In unoccupied rooms to save energy.

Heating history

Genius Hub remembers each room’s heating patterns and temperatures, so you can see changes in use and potential energy savings. It also logs temperatures for regulatory requirements

Smart Occupancy Detection

The Smart Occupancy Detection feature introduces an additional level of energy efficient control. Motion sensors automatically trigger the heating when an occupant enters. When the room is unoccupied, this smart feature lowers the temperature again, reducing your heating bills

Wireless communication

All Genius Hub devices communicate wirelessly throughout the building, meaning that installation causes no disruption to your building’s operation

Open window detection

The Genius radiator valve or room sensor can detect when a window has been left open. It turns off the radiator in that room automatically, thus avoiding unnecessary heating costs.

Air conditioning

Genius Hub can disable air conditioning or air handling units to avoid wasting energy when rooms are unoccupied or when the room is being heated by radiators.

Genius Hub App

The Genius Hub app is available on web and and smart devices. The App allows you to control all devices in your property, from wherever you are in the world.

Genius Hub can control


Boiler, zone valves or pumps


If your boiler heats water that flows through radiators, or if areas of your property are served by zone valves or pumps, Genius Hub can independently control them.


Hot water temperature control


Set your hot water to a precise temperature on the App and schedule different temperatures to suit your varying demands.




Genius Hub can control each radiator independently for optimum comfort and energy efficiency.


Underfloor heating 

Genius Hub can control each underfloor zone independently for wet or electric underfloor heating.



Electric heating


Genius Hub can control most types of electric heating including convection heaters, oil-radiators or infra-red panels.




Genius Hub can work alongside, and add to, the level of control of a BEMS.

A selection of our clients

Siena Monastery

Bang & Olufsen

Property People estate agent chain

La Taqueria restaurant chain

Mourne Seafood restaurant

Case studies

The Belfry Hotel

The world renowned Belfry Hotel & Resort were looking for a low cost and effective energy saving measure that could be easily retrofitted to the buildings across the resort, with little or no disruption to the occupants of the building, and would not only reduce the cost of heating but also improve the heating levels for guests.

Driftwood Spars

DRIFTWOOD SPARS CASE STUDY CORNWALL Six months after the installation of the Genius Hub controls at the Driftwood Spars Hotel, and in slightly warmer weather

Greyhound Coaching Inn

The Greyhound Coaching Inn in Lutterworth invested in a Genius Hub in Summer 2018. This 33 bedroom hotel now enjoys reduced bills and a better guest service thanks to Genius Hub.

Bossington Hall

Bossington Hall is freshly refurbished and new to the holiday rental market in 2017, Bossington Hall brings Arts and Crafts homely elegance in a stunning setting. With 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms this superb property can sleep up to 30 people.

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