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Infrared is efficient, lasts a long time, and is better for the environment

Sonas Co-Op & Café

A vibrant new cooperative establishment in the heart of Lisburn

Sonas Co-Op & Café, is reshaping the hospitality landscape with its unique combination of a grocer, café, and event space.

For Sonas, doing business responsibly is a big deal. They want to be smart with their resources, reduce waste, and spend money wisely. That's why they decided to use infrared heatingit's efficient, lasts a long time, and is better for the environment.

Sonas initially had a space with basic electric heating. Later, they became interested in how infrared heating could be beneficial.

This interest led them to contact Gaia Smart Energy for assistance. The upgrade was designed to align with Sonas' commitment to using resources wisely, indicating a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability in their heating solutions.

During the collaboration, we have been able to talk to them about their firsthand experience with the Infrared Heating System and their experience with our service.

  • How did you heat your home/premises before?

    It was an empty premises with basic electric heating.

  • What was your main consideration before purchasing an Infrared heating system?

    As a business that wants to think carefully and reduce our waste to a minimum, it’s been important to us to spend wisely, investing in good quality goods and services that will work efficiently and last a long time. Infrared heating was something that intrigued us, and the team at Gaia took time to help us make the right decisions for our business. 

  • How would you rate your experience with Gaia Smart Energy? Would you recommend our company to others?

    The team has been brilliant and Joe from Gaia has been an inspiring person to work with on our project.  He clearly loves what he does, is passionate and clear in explaining how infrared can work for different clients, and he is genuinely interested in working with businesses like ours.  Joe is friendly and professional, returns calls and always takes time to explain things.  These are people who do a good job, help you make good decisions throughout the fit and keep you informed throughout. Highly recommended. 

expect significant savings

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