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Saved 45% on heating costs

The Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club, Cultra

The Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club is one of the largest Sailing Clubs in Northern Ireland with around 1,000 members.

Gaia Smart Energy recently worked with the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club to review and optimise their energy set-up, resulting in savings of 45% on heating costs.

The installation process was straightforward and left a lasting impression on the Royal Yacht Club team:

"It is easy to use, and you can plan for a week in advance for heating rooms that are only used occasionally."

"We only have heating where and when we need it so there is less wastage and it is friendlier to the environment."

  • How did you control your heating before?​

    Our heating system before didn’t allow for much control– it was separated into 3 zones to heat different areas of the Clubhouse, but this was ineffective and led to areas being heated that weren’t being used on a daily basis.  The control system was in the bar and could be accessed by everyone, and this didn’t allow it to be managed effectively.

    Redesigning and installing a new heating system, which had been installed in 1985, would have involved enormous expense in re-piping and zoning.

    Since the radiators were all approaching 40 years old, replacing them would have been an enormous job, never mind the building work involved.

    Another consideration was the cost of a longer term investment in making the building more thermally efficient overall.

    The Genius System offers the full control of the system down to each individual radiator, keeps the whole house at a minimum temperature at all times and heats only the rooms/ areas that are required at that time. When I considered the best option, it therefore followed that there must be considerable savings as against the original system I described above.”

  • What was your main consideration before purchasing the Genius Hub system?​

    We needed to upgrade our boiler and wanted a more cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly way to manage zoning the heating, so that only rooms that are being used are being heated.

    We wanted it to be controlled by management only. We also wanted to be able to plan a week in advance what heat was needed, and when to be most efficient.  It needed to be simple and easy to use, and remotely operable if required.

  • What do you feel contributed most to your decision to buy Genius Hub?
    The detailed proposal and demonstration of the product provided the answers to all of our issues with the heating, and allowed us to control the heating room by room, both remotely and on site. It allowed us to limit access to those who needed it, and also gave an option for a 1 hour local override of the controls at the radiators if required.
  • What do you like about the system?

    It is easy to use and you can plan a week in advance for heating various rooms that are only used occasionally.  It is more efficient and means we only have heating where and when we need it, so there is less wastage and it is friendlier to the environment.

  • How much have you saved to date on your energy bills, as a result of having the Genius system installed?

    Our energy consumption has dropped significantly since installing the Genius system and upgrading the boiler. This reduction has been crucial for our business in the current climate of rising gas prices.

    We have saved an average 45% on our gas consumption which has been vital during the current climate.

  • How user-friendly do you and your staff find the system?

    It is extremely easy to manage, both through the PC and through the app on our phones.  Zones can be updated and amended in seconds.

  • How would you rate your experience with Gaia Smart Energy, and would you recommend our company to others?​

    The service that Gaia has provided has been excellent. The after sales support has also been excellent in helping make sure that the system is fully functional and working to the best of its ability.

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