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Saved 64% on heating costs

The Belfry Hotel

The internationally renowned Belfry Hotel & Resort

Located amidst expansive rolling countryside spanning over 500 acres, the acclaimed hotel presents an array of opulent meeting spaces, event venues, lavish guest accommodations, and suites. Guests can indulge in an exquisite dining experience at the restaurant bars, revel in the vibrant ambiance of the nightclub, pamper themselves at the luxurious Spa and Health Club, and of course, partake in golf.

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M&V Report

The decision to implement the Genius Hub system was a deliberate one.

The Belfry consistently maintains high occupancy levels, making it an ideal candidate for rigorously testing the efficacy of the system. The intention was to observe the lowest potential savings, given the demanding circumstances.

The Belfry Hotel & Resort, renowned worldwide, sought an affordable and efficient solution for conserving energy. They aimed to seamlessly retrofit the resort's buildings without causing disruption to the occupants. The objective was not only to reduce heating costs but also to enhance the overall heating experience for guests.

To evaluate the impact of the Genius Hub installation, a comprehensive Monitoring and Verification report was conducted. This report analyzed heat data obtained from The Belfry Hotel, comparing the period before the installation ("before") to the period after the installation ("after"). The focus was on assessing the energy saved through the implementation of the Genius Hub system, specifically in controlling the temperature of the bedrooms in Jacklin House. This modern building boasts wet radiators in each room and frequently maintains high occupancy rates, often exceeding 95%.

The Monitoring and Verification report revealed an average savings of 64% when comparing the original heating schedule with an occupancy-based schedule during the 10-week trial period.

The trial involved alternating between "Timer Mode" and "Sense Mode" for the heating schedule. In Timer Mode, rooms were heated irrespective of occupancy, while Sense Mode only heated occupied rooms. The first four weeks entailed a two-week cycle of Timer Mode followed by two weeks of Sense Mode. Subsequently, the heating system remained in Sense Mode for the remaining six weeks.

This assessment took place from November 27, 2019, to February 5, 2020. Throughout the trial, it was observed that the number of heating-related complaints at Jacklin House decreased compared to the period preceding the installation of the Genius Hub system.

The guest rooms feature contemporary cavity wall construction, double glazing, and were initially equipped with manual Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). These TRVs were replaced with wireless Genius Radiator Valves, requiring no plumbing work. The transition to "smart" control for each room took approximately 30 minutes. Monitoring the heat supplied to the building during the trial was accomplished using a high-quality heat meter.

We interviewed the head of maintenance at the hotel and this is what he had to say about Genius Hub.

  • What were the main considerations before purchasing?

    As an award winning 4* hotel, guest satisfaction was of key importance and the energy savings really only come as a bonus. We have demanding guests who expect everything to be perfect with their stay with us, and we cannot have a situation where there are any problems with the temperatures in the guest rooms.

    The Genius System offers the full control of the system down to each individual radiator, keeps the whole house at a minimum temperature at all times and heats only the rooms/ areas that are required at that time. When I considered the best option, it therefore followed that there must be considerable savings as against the original system I described above.”

  • Was there anything you were concerned about?

    Yes, we have full BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) controlling all of our 13 plant rooms, but we lacked experience with this sort of system. It’s important that we can diagnose an issue with the hotel’s systems as quickly as possible so reception can let the guest know something is being done about it. With the BEMS system we can do that for the boiler plant, and we were hoping that Genius Hub will allow us to do that for the rooms. We realise now that it gives us a lot more information about the rooms than we were expecting.

  • What were your first impressions of Genius Hub?

    The whole company was very professional and they came across well. The engineer explained well what we were getting and how it would be used by the guests and the maintenance team here at the hotel. We chose to block off the individual floors for the engineers from Genius Hub which was appreciated by them, but we realised now that this was not really necessary, the installation went really smoothly and was less disruptive than expected, in fact it was completely trouble free with no disruption to the day to day running of the hotel at all. We also expected more snagging and more of the valve bodies to cause problems as we chose to keep all of the old radiators and valves, but again this was something that caused less issues than we were expecting and didn’t end up adding extra cost to the system.

  • How much can Genius Hub cut your heating bill?

    In the proposal we received from the salesman they predicted the standard 30% savings, however as we plan to potentially roll this out across the site we wanted to know for sure what it would be. We paid for a heat meter to be installed which gave us 30 minute heat energy usage for this block and we installed this onto the pipework in the plant room. We then ran tests over 10 weeks to compare what the energy use was like in a ‘before’ and ‘after’ individual room control situation. We were extremely pleased to calculate that the Genius Hub has saved us 64% off our heating costs meaning that the system has about a 2 year payback on the cost of installation.

  • What do you like about the Genius Hub system?

    The remote control and monitoring is key to us, we now have the ability to look at the heating history on the charts for each individual room. Now when a customer says that there was a problem with the temperature in their room, we have evidence of any given day what was actually happening in a room.

    This significantly reduces confrontation for reception and the number of refunds we have to give out for rooms. We can control and schedule each room which means we don’t have to rely on the housekeepers resetting the TRVs (Radiator Valves) back to 3 all of the time, when they’d often forget, and now they can work in the rooms at a cooler temperature so they are pleased with that too.

  • What are your staff’s impressions of the Genius Hub?

    Reception is the first point of contact for any guest, and the feedback from reception about the Genius Hub has been excellent. They have said to us that once they have explained to the guest that they have adjusted the heating in their room whilst they were on the phone, the instant resolution for the guests is priceless for guest satisfaction.

    The only thing that caught them out initially was reception needed to learn to also tell the guest that they are doing it remotely and no one was actually going to visit the room to adjust the heating!

  • What’s been your experience with Genius Hub overall?

    Simple. You get what you are sold and it exceeded our expectations!

  • How do you use the system?

    I do use the app on the phone as I’m not always in the office, we also have it on the designated BEMS computer in the office. I can log on easily when I’m home if there is a problem saving me to have to come to site.

    We have a WhatsApp group where I can help remotely if there is a problem that’s not being resolved quickly and it just gives me another bit of visibility of what’s going on in the hotel when I’m not there. When comparing it to using the BEMS it is easy. We like the built in troubleshooter in the app and we’ve managed to fix most issues without having to phone Genius Hub for help. We’ve certainly not had to call anyone out to site in the first 5 months since the installation.

Conclusion: We are now looking to role it out across other parts of the site, the gas consumption has been dramatically reduced and guest complaints have gone down for this part of the site too, so it has given us all that we wanted and a lot more besides, we’d definitely  recommend Genius Hub to others.

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