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Saved 41% on our gas bills

The Mount Business and Conference Centre, Belfast

The Mount Business & Conference Centre is located just outside Belfast City Centre.


The building comprises a combination of serviced offices, conference rooms, training rooms, and an in-house restaurant. Andrew Campbell, owner and manager of The Mount, was familiar with the Genius Hub system because he had had it installed in his home two years earlier. Having seen what the system can do, he decided to have it installed on a much larger scale in his business and conference centre.

What was installed?

Genius Hub was installed to control the heating in every part of the building. This included radiators, wet underfloor heating and electric infrared heating. 

Control of the air conditioning was also part of the Genius Hub system and ensured that it would only run when a room was occupied and when the radiators or underfloor were off.

We also installed an infrared heater in Reception. This area had previously been hard to heat, and the main heating system had to run many hours before office hours to heat the space. By installing an infrared heater, we cut the energy wastage which had previously put unnecessary demand on the main heating plant.

  • How did you control your heating before having the new system installed?

    The Mount Business & Conference Centre in Belfast is a large commercial building with a mixture of underfloor heating and radiators. The heating system was controlled by the Building Management System (BMS) with sensors in different areas to try and zone the system.  In addition to the BMS, the radiators had thermostatic valves and the rooms with underfloor heating had individual thermostats.

  • What was your main consideration before purchasing the Genius Hub system?

    My main consideration before purchasing the Genius System was: would it actually work! Would it give me better control of our heating? Would it actually work on our heating system with a BMS, lots of mixing valves, pumps and zones, a combination of underfloor and radiator heating in a mixed use building of conference rooms, meeting rooms and serviced offices? Also, with the rising energy costs, would it reduce the amount of gas and electricity that we were using?

  • What do you feel contributed most to your decision to buy Genius Hub?

    I had already used the Genius Hub system on a domestic level, so was familiar and comfortable with the Genius system and the software. But I was concerned how the system would scale up to being used in a large commercial building with a lot of devices being controlled, and multiple other factors to consider.  
          I contacted Gaia Smart Energy to carry out a feasibility survey to establish whether it would be possible to install Genius Hub and identify any issues that might arise. Joe McKee, Gaia Smart Energy, carried out a thorough assessment of our heating controls and produced a solution that not only gave us much better control of the heating system, but he was also able to propose another significant energy saving measure, which was to integrate Genius with the air-conditioning systems as well.  
         Therefore, the decision to buy the Genius Hub system was due to the overall energy saving solution that Gaia Smart Energy proposed.

  • What do you like about the system?

    There are actually a number of different features that I like about the system:

    • Ease of use: of the software on both the computer and phone app.
    • Control:  It allows me to remotely control the heating system at an individual room level.
    • Information: Until the Genius system was installed we had no way of knowing what temperature a room was at without going to the room. Now, the information provided by the system allows us to provide a better customer experience by ensuring that when the rooms and offices are in use that they are at a comfortable temperature. The Genius system also helped us identify a number of faults in our heating system such as faulty actuators and seized pins on the underfloor heating loops.
    • Reduced energy consumption: Using the Genius system to control the air-conditioning systems has significantly reduced energy wastage by ensuring the aircon is not left running when a room is unoccupied. And as it is not possible to turn on the air-conditioning when the heating is on, this stops the two systems working against each other.
  • How much have you saved to date on your energy bills, as a result of having the Genius system installed?

    Approximately 41% on Gas and 9% on Electricity.

  • How user-friendly do you find the system?

    The Genius system is extremely user friendly on both PC and Genius Hub App. Setting up and changing heating timings is done in seconds.

  • How would you rate your experience with Gaia Smart Energy, and would you recommend our company to others?

    I would highly recommend Gaia Smart Energy. At every step of the process they have delivered.  From initial proposal and design throughout the installation process, Joe and his team have provided a first class service. More importantly, Joe has been extremely quick to respond to and resolve any issues that arose during the installation, and after the system had been installed and commissioned. As an end user, this provides a real peace of mind. 

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