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Bailies Coffee Warehouse, Belfast

A prominent coffee wholesaler and roaster located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

They have a strong commitment to fostering ethical and sustainable relationships with coffee farmers and their communities, Bailies has established itself as a leading player in the coffee industry in Ireland.

They came to Gaia Smart Energy to replace the heating system in their huge warehouse. The gas-fired blow heaters were unable to adequately heat the warehouse, owing to a number of factors:

  • Inefficient heating system: The heaters were not performing efficiently, leading to a less effective warming of the warehouse, causing discomfort and temperature inconsistencies.
  • Temperature control challenge: Managing and sustaining an appropriate temperature in the warehouse's large, open area proved to be a challenging task, resulting in temperature variations throughout the space.
  • Heat loss from door openings: The frequent lifting of roller doors to accommodate deliveries created an additional issue. This practice resulted in a continuous release of warm air, making it harder to maintain a consistent indoor climate.

In a recent conversation, we had the opportunity to speak with Luke Fulton, Production Manager of Bailies, about his firsthand experience with the installation of energy-efficient infrared panels and Genius Hub smart controls in their warehouse.

  • How was the premises heated before?

    The Production Area in the warehouse was heated by gas-fired blow heaters, which Luke felt were simply inefficient and unable to achieve and maintain an adequate temperature. 

  • What was the main consideration before purchasing an Infrared heating system?

    Luke’s primary considerations were to find a system that would be more energy efficient, and would significantly reduce energy costs in the warehouse.

  • What do you feel contributed most to your decision to purchase an Infrared system with Gaia?

    Being able to reduce costs by improving energy savings over a short time period was a crucial factor in Luke’s decision. He had initially considered installing gas heaters, but ultimately decided that the best option was electric infrared heaters. This is because gas heaters need to heat all of the air within a space in order to achieve temperature, whereas infrared heaters can heat objects and people directly, with no need to heat the air in the entire space. Instead of the 40kw of gas heaters which Bailies had originally considered, Gaia Smart Energy simply installed four infrared panels in strategic parts of the warehouse where staff actually work. The heat is now directed exactly where it needs to be, using only 9.6kw of infrared heaters, instead of 40kw of gas heaters. Staff experience a comfortable and even spread of heat. The infrared panels have proven to be the far more efficient and cost-effective method.

  • What do you like about the system?

    Luke points to “the ability to link in with smart controls”, as well as the comfortable feeling of infrared heat.

  • How user-friendly do you find the system?

    Luke describes it as “simple”, following some initial teething problems with internal/external IT.

  • How would you rate your experience with Gaia Smart Energy, and would you recommend our company to others?

    We had a good experience with Gaia Smart Energy. There was good communication, from quote to installation. 

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