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Save up to 40% on energy bills

Camphill Communities

Camphill Communities of Ireland - Wexford, Tipperary & Kilkenny

is part of an international movement working with people with intellectual disabilities and other kinds of special needs. They have 16 communities in the Republic of Ireland, including over 500 residents, volunteers and staff. These communities provide supported living arrangements for their residents. 

The Genius Hub smart controls system was first fitted in three different sites, each comprising multiple buildings, in 2016.

These sites are in Wexford, Tipperary and Kilkenny.

Camphill Communities are now looking at rolling out the Genius Hub system in more of their locations across Ireland, because they are so happy with the system.

What has been installed in Camphill Communities?

Camphill Communities have installed Genius Hub’s smart controls, smart radiator valves and Smart Occupancy Detection (i.e. motion sensors) in rooms throughout the buildings mentioned above.

  • How did you control your heating before?

    Our previous heating system had a very basic level of control. It was controlled by manual timed clocks, which were hard to adjust, and in some cases wired mechanical thermostats which were basic and outdated.

  • What was your main consideration before purchasing the Genius Hub system?

    We had a few criteria that needed to be met. Most importantly, we needed an energy efficient heating system that would reduce our energy costs. We also wanted to ensure that our chosen system would qualify for the SEAI energy grant. And because Camphill Communities have locations throughout Ireland, it was hugely important that we would be able to control our heating remotely, and be able to have a high level of control and good oversight, even without attending the site.

  • What do you feel contributed most to your decision to buy Genius Hub?

    The Genius Hub smart controls qualified for the SEAI energy grant, which was a crucial factor. In addition to this, the professional advice we received from an energy consultant and from Genius Hub gave us assurance that this system was a good fit for us.

  • What do you like about the system?

    Several things– the versatility of the Genius Hub system, the ease of configuration and device management, and the level of control and oversight that the system gives us.
    At Camphill Communities, we cater for residents with intellectual and physical disabilities. Having the Genius Hub system installed allows us to meet the heating needs of our vulnerable residents, without having to disturb them in their rooms. This is because the system gives us fantastic remote oversight. We can look remotely at temperatures and zone charts in every room, as well as looking remotely at battery levels on all devices. We can also reduce the need for staff intervention. We have sites in various locations, and this system allows us to have extensive control of the heating without even having to attend site. 

  • How much have you saved to date on your energy bills, as a result of having the Genius system installed?

    To date, we’ve seen savings of up to 40%.

  • How user-friendly do you find the system?

    A person with basic IT skills would find the system super easy. For a user who is not confident with technology, I would say it becomes very manageable very quickly, because they will be given guidance and tips when it is installed.

  • How would you rate your experience with Gaia Smart Energy, and would you recommend our company to others?

    10/10 for expertise, professionalism and friendliness! Also, the knowledge that Gaia Smart Energy have of the systems is absolutely extensive and vast!

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